We also have a special focus on women. We support female entrepreneurship in different ways! Our team of experienced consultants is also committed to providing tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of women in various industries.
Welcome to Unicorn Factory designed to empower professionals and entrepreneurs in achieving their goals and advancing their careers!
Unicorn Factory helps founders and entrepreneurs grow through educational and acceleration programs, with the support of experts, advisors and personal growth trackers (growth business coaches)!
Alena Petrova
Founder Unicorn Factory

Serial Entrepreneur, Investment partner YellowRocks.vc, International expert, Adviser for startups, Organizer of 50+ acceleration programs, Cofounder of Nonprofit International Business Coach Association
Basic Business program
We help you to build your first business from the zero in our practical workshops
8 weeks Silicon Valley intensive bootcamp for ambitious startups, who want to enter the international (US) market and to raise their pre-seed/seed round. You get real practical support for developing and fundraising from experienced international founders and investors and Silicon Valley Experts
Growth tracking and advisering
We help you grow and make your the best traction with our growth trackers (growth business coaches) and advisers!

How it works: diagnostics (to get insights about current situations and choose the goals, strategy and focus), weekly sprint meetings (to analyze weekly results and execution of plans, find the bottleneck, keep focus and motivation), secret sauce - focus, speed, growth and results!
We Help You Raise Funds with Guarantee!
Investors School
We help you to start your investor career
Silicon Valley Trip
Discover a world of Silicon Valley business opportunities and find partnerships and collaborations! Join us on an exceptional tour in Silicon Valley for founders, entrepreneurs and investors. Connect with a local community of like-minded individuals, enterprises and VCs and gain insights into your business developing and next fundraising venture in a relaxed and fun environment.
Special Programs for every woman
Entrepreneurs, founders in startups, professionals, non-working woman
Personal consulting
We find special decision for your personal case
Prepare your startup for fundraising in just one month
Our services:
  • Business programs for entrepreneurs, founders and investors: we help to grow your business, find new opportunities and partnerships!
  • Leadership Development: We offer leadership development programs for professionals to enhance their skills and prepare them for leadership roles
  • Business Strategy: Our consultants provide strategic planning and business consulting services to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses
  • Diversity and Inclusion: We offer diversity and inclusion consulting services to help companies create inclusive workplaces that value and support women
  • Career Coaching: Our career coaches provide personalized coaching sessions to help professionals advance their careers and achieve their goals
  • Training and Workshops: We offer training and workshops on various topics, including negotiation skills, public speaking, and time management
Why Choose Us:
  • Empowerment: We are dedicated to empowering professionals and entrepreneurs to succeed in their careers and businesses
  • Experience: Our team of consultants has extensive experience in various industries, providing valuable insights and expertise
  • Customized Solutions: We understand that every person’s needs are unique, and we provide tailored solutions to meet those needs
  • Results-Driven: Our goal is to help professionals and entrepreneurs achieve their goals and see tangible results in their careers and businesses
  • Supportive Community: We provide a supportive community of professionals and entrepreneurs who can offer guidance, support, and networking opportunities
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